November 25th, 2008

Smile! (PoT/Momo)

Death Note is killing me! (Ha ha, I crack me up!)

Warning: Spoilers for the first 20 eps or so. However, since this isn't a new series, I'm not going to LJ cut.

I can't believe I gave up on this series when it was first out! Arg! I mean, there are some smallish things I dislike (Matsuda is the most annoying, stupid, un-cop-like cop I've ever seen, Misa is just plain annoying as hell, and I also disliked those two "criminal" characters: the con artist and that "beautiful woman" safe cracker), but all in all I boggle at how good it is!

The Execution ep? Oh. My. God. That was amazing, just totally amazing. I knew I shouldn't have believed it, but I did. Wow. (I just wish it had had lasting effects on the characters. After it happened they just shrugged it off and it never came up again.)

In the last ep I saw, L died. Arg. Oh my. I so loved that whole ep. The bells, the ep being titled "Silence"... I had read a spoiler that some (main?) character died, but I had no idea who it was. If there weren't 10 eps left to go, I'd be closer to accepting/understanding the death. What in the world are they going to do for 10 more eps? (DO NOT TELL ME! TELL ME AND DIE!)

I had forgotten how... "slash friendly" anime sometimes is. The scene where Light and L were drying each other off? And L dries and massages Light's feet? Um....... wow....... God. I need me some fanfic, but I can't read it until I'm done watching!

I'm not watching any more today, have to save some for tomorrow, but it's killing me! I must know what happens next!

I will not click the files, I will not click the files, I will not click-- arg!
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