November 26th, 2008


Death Note is no longer killing me

Again: Spoilers. Old series = not cutting. Spoilers up to the first 30 eps or so.

I really really hope the writers know what they're doing. The two kids were introduced maybe five eps ago, and I still don't like them. The whole story, the whole point of the series had been L vs Light, so when Light won that would have been a great ending. (Especially ending it with the ep that L died, don't tell us what happens next! Leave it open!)

Near and Mello are annoying. Not to mention, they look highly disturbingly like the love children of L and Light (WTF?). One sits like L, the other has a sweet tooth like him. Again, WTF? I read a post somewhere about L's sons, so I'm assuming that's what they are (it hasn't been mentioned in the series yet), but genes do not work that way. Sweet tooth? Maybe, maybe, maybe I could wrap my head around that, but how one sits? Bah.

I really hope there's some good payoff to introducing these two. Right now it feels like they (the writers) have ruined the series. I really hope they pull it out in the end and make it worth it.

I have three or four eps left to watch, but I probably won't see them until I go back to work on Monday. (At least with this downturn of the story I'm not itching and wiggling to watch the rest?)

I really hope they do something to make it worth having added these two...
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