November 28th, 2008


And my opinion of humanity in general drops even lower... (RL)

This morning, in New York: Wal-Mart Employee Trampled to Death by Customers .

The person killed was 34 years old. By damned idiot shoppers. At a Walmart. Someone lost their life so that people could get a discount on some material thing that they didn't even need. (No, you do not need a HD TV. You do not need an xbox. There's a difference between wanting and needing.) If you were starving to death and if that store was the only place with food, then maybe I could understand this sort of thing. But otherwise? No. Just no.

I just can't believe people... This makes me sick.
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Lots o'updates (FFXI, WoW, RP)

For the past couple days, FFXI has been very busy and very boring at the same time. Wednesday evening (after work) I started Campaigning. Other than to do my daily work (digging, hot&cold), I only Campaigned and only in one zone (Fort K-N). In a period of about 48 hours (minus sleeping time, RL stuff, etc), I made nine merits. o.O I've never had nine merits stored up before! But with them I could make the last two increases in COR group two merits, so that's done. Yay!

The problem is COR group one. General opinion in COR circles is that one should go 5/5 in Quick Draw Recast. Each increases decreases recast by two seconds. Two seconds. 10K XP for the first 2 second reduction. 20K for the next, 30K for the next... a total of 150,000 XP for a ten second reduction in recast. I'm sorry, but does that make sense? I balk at even 10K XP for the first 2 second reduction. Two seconds. A total of ten seconds reduction. If I'm ever in a situation where two (or ten) seconds on my Quick Draw makes a difference... well, I'm afraid at that thought. (I don't solo on COR, that's the only place I could see ten seconds maybe making the difference between life and death.)

So...I don't know. Quick Draw acc is only needed for HNMs, and that's even up for debate. Phantom Roll Recast is another 2 second deal. Bust Duration is meaningless, since I have Fold. Random Deal recast I maxed out already, 5/5.

I really don't know what to do. I could just not put any further merits into COR, but...

Anyway, other FFXI stuff. Been busy with crafting. Alchemy remains insultingly easy. It shouldn't even be considered a craft (sorry any alchemists reading this).

He'd be 100 now if I had time to camp the AH and get wyvern wings. Gods above, I boggle so hard at how cheap this is. At the highest cost, you're paying 17K for each skill up synth, and the final product sells for 8K-10K. A 7k-9K loss on a level 99 skill up synth. Is it funny that I'm insulted by that? A single skill up synth in gold costs 250K and sells for ~80K. A damned bigger loss than 7k-9K.

Speaking of gold...

And that's as far as she's going. Like I said, the rings she skills on are a few hundred thousand gill loss, and that's assuming the synth even succeeds. Slow selling item, too. So just not worth it. 95's where she's stopping.

Saw a couple interesting things while Campaigning:
Maat! o.O Nothing like having him melee right behind you. He has a WS called Bear Killer, though I have effects turned off so I have no idea what it looks like. (Edit: Oops, looks like I forgot to resize that. Warning for big image.)

A mithra with fleas! Seriously. When she gets hit, fleas fall/jump off her and come to her aid. She might want to have that looked at...


WoW: I logged on for the first time in a week or more. I didn't really want to, but I thought I "should". (That's such a warning sign when I use 'should' about something in either game.) I so amazingly didn't want to be there, but my month ends on 12/10 so I figured I'd hop on. I did a quest which would have been okay if I hadn't had to spend about 25 minutes running through aggro mobs to get to the killing area. Yeah. Dodging aggro is so my least favorite thing to do in either game. (Things were only a couple level higher than me, and I have a ton of rested XP, but I just wanted to get the quest done ASAP and log off. I begrudged each time I got aggro and had to stop to fight.)

After finishing it, I dealt with the AH and logged off. If/when I log on again before the 10th, I'm only going to do nice, relaxing things like fish.


RP is too similar to a drug. :/ I spent months not getting any, and when I first joined the MUX the majority of it wasn't very good RP, so I had no great desire for it. Now, with the new group I've been tossed with, I got good RP for three or four nights in a row! I got hooked! But we haven't RPed since Wednesday and so now I'm itching and wiggling and unhappy. We might RP tomorrow, but one of the people works retail so this is a hard time for him to be doing anything other than working and falling over. (Plus I'm supposed to go to Dynamis tomorrow, I skipped Tuesday so I'd rather not skip again tomorrow. Maybe I'll go and then just leave early if we start to RP.)

I wish I liked alts. I'd get so much more RP that way, but I like playing just one character at a time (plus it annoys me when someone is slow posing with me because they're RPing on an alt as well, so I'd never want to do that to someone else). Plus there's the whole issue of me really only knowing FFXI, and another FFXI character in addition to Thistle would be redundant...

Oh well, we'll see what happens!
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