November 29th, 2008


Wii and Paypal (RL, technical)

Two questions for people!

1) For folks with a Wii: Not counting that exercise/weight loss "game", would you consider the other games to be actual exercise? Like the tennis game, do you move around a lot? I know a couple people have Animal Crossing for Wii, I can't see how that would be much exercise?

I was wondering if getting the system and some games would be an easy way to get at least some exercise -- maybe not the same as running or bicycling, but some? Or is it mostly just arm movement?

2) Arg! I got some emails from Paypal thanking me for sending payments through them. However, I've not used Paypal in months. Arg! One was for a RapidShare account, the other for web hosting. The purchases were made today, and Paypal already reversed the hosting one (which was the more expensive one, $70), but my worry is how this happened. My password and personal info wasn't changed. Google didn't tell me much, but anyone know how people could have made charges through Paypal as me? I changed my password again, but I'm worried how they got in to begin with. Is it a security issue on my end or Paypal's? (Virus scan and spyware scans of my machine show nothing.)

Should I be worried? :/

<3 everyone!
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