December 1st, 2008

Purple hippo

So lazy... no energy... have some random pictures!

I've been sitting around for three hours doing nothing. Nothing! We were supposed to RP tonight, but one person didn't show so we can't. So I've basically just been sitting here poking at the net and freezing my butt off. I can't remember the last time I did so little in so much time. zzz

Anyway, picture! This man sure does love coyotes... o.O Work safe, I'd guess.

And in other news, Inflatable boobs lost at sea! I love the line about the pirates, ha ha. :D

Only other news of interst is that I'm trying to get through the end of Death Note. I want to finish it before I watch the live action movies, but it's just gotten so bad! I have to force myself to watch the eps... Though the new guy (Mikami) he sent the notebook to is quite hot. That's something, at least. Shame what happened to the series.

I've got bills to pay. I've been sitting here next to them for three nothing-filled hours yet I can't bring myself to write the checks. zzzzz So cold and tired and no energy. I'd go to bed if it wasn't 7:30.

I think this is my first time ever using this icon. No clue why I have it, I don't like it much. Odd.
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