December 3rd, 2008


Correcting a lack...

I noticed my LJ was lacking in pole dancers, so today's the day to fix that!

Pole dancing... with kitten! Ha ha.

And in seriousness for a moment, I never really watched a woman pole dancing before. That looks like really good exercise! Fun too, assuming you could do it somewhere where no one would be able to watch you. :P
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Death Note: Live Action Movie, FFXI

Work has been really bad lately, so I was intending to smuggle the first movie to work on my flash drive. Alas it's just a little too big! So I had to start watching it at home so I could take the second one to work.

Unfortunately I only got through half the movie tonight, but I'm pretty amazed with it anyway. It's dubbed, which I thought would be horrible, but it's done so well! The dialog/mouths match up so well that I totally forget that it wasn't made in Engish.

It's really cool to see it live action, too. :D I wish it were new territory instead of basically a retelling of the anime, but still! Yay!

In FFXI land, I'm starting to buy up stuff to go back to leveling WHM. I can't believe I'm actually going to party on it. It's 70+ now, and last time I played it in a party was 4.5 years ago (when I got it to 30). 30-70+ was done solo through Campagin, but I'd like to do the final levels through partying if possible. I think. Can you imagine how rusty I'm going to be? I feel sorry for the party that invites me. :P

I have zero clue where I'm going to keep this armor. Only place is in my inventory, which is impossible with chocobo digging. Do I mule away my DRK armor? (Guess that's the most likely option, since I just use it for Besieged.) COR I use a minimum of twice a week, so that's not really an option. RDM has almost nothing unique, it's all COR or DRK stuff. BRD is already on a mule.

Edit: You can now pre-order Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog from Amazon and get it in time for Christmas. Yay!
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