December 10th, 2008


A Brenner Christmas (FFXI)

LS Christmas party was tonight. I didn't feel like going (I don't feel like doing anything lately, just check my last few posts!), but I hadn't been able to take part in any of the previous years Brenner matches, so I wanted to try it out this time.

Best. Thing. Ever. Crazy fun and I actually forgot about work for a couple hours! :D RDM seems like the best job choice to go on. WHM? HA. COR? Fun but too smushy. DRK? Second choice -- yay DDing but boo smushy. BRD? HA HA HA.

I didn't get to kill anyone (I only meleed once) but I had a hell of a good time making everyone else curse. :D Sleep, gravity, blind, para, slow... Silence mages. Bind people trying to flee away from folks on my side. I learned lots, too!

As much as I generally don't like PvP (the idea of working on a PvP player in WoW makes me twitch), it really was a good learning experience. Two of us went on RDM, and we were basically one on one the whole night (other than when others jumped in and made it two, three, or four on one). I think it'd be different than a PvP server though because we all knew each other and there were no hard/ill feelings or anything.

Hmm, on that note, I think my WoW account turned off tonight. I haven't logged on in a couple weeks, hope I hadn't had anything in my mailbox.

The day of the update, I made one of the new items. Pretty, pretty Harp Stool!

Dunes Dyna, 4 AFs in the pool at once!

Christmas Brenner! xvolph and I teaming up against that other RDM. :D

After the fighting we had a party in that rent-a-room in Whitegate. I may or may not have gotten a little drunk. *cough*

The hat and subligar were part of my Secret Santa gifts! Eeee! Both were signed, too!

I gave out a metric crapton of MH stuff for Christmas. :D Some stuff for my secret santa, and something for everyone who mentioned MH items in their wishlist post, and I had some as prizes for the "MVP winners at Brenner (decided in a secret vote). Yay cool moghouses for all!

I posted this under a friends lock the other day, because I didn't want anyone to see it before Christmas. I made three of these really cool masks, one for my secret santa, one for a random person who mentioned wanting MH stuff in her post, and one for me! :D

If there's one thing my LS is good at, it's forming lines. Our weddings are always the best because we have nice, straight lines!

By the end of the night, drinks had been flowing a while and things were taking a turn towards adult. Can you blame a guy for wanting a rice cake? Heehee.
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