December 13th, 2008


The day was too short! (FFXI)

Busiest. Day. Ever.

Ran new mule (Damask) from Windy to Mhaura, took ship to Selbina, fed sheep 30 stacks of moss. One moss at a time. That's 360 trades of clicking through the slow 'CS' and god-awful heavy accent text.

Had him suicide back to Bubu outpost, ran him to Jeuno from there.

Did all 8 gobbie bag upgrades.

Got access to Whitegate.

Got teleported there, had to sneak/invisible him to the city.

Started missions, went to Nashmau, finished mission. Yay locker!

Thistle went to Nashmau to change coins out. Damask got 30 gold coins worth of coins for locker upgrades, renewal, and teleports.

Back to Damask in Whitegate, used the paytaru to go back to Jeuno, suicide, WG, repeat four times until offered home nation teleport.

Had Fishingbot make enough MH items to fully upgrade storage.

Buy bed for first safe upgrade.

10 AM. Had RL breakfast. Pantpant.

So his name is Damask, "a figured fabric of silk, wool, linen, cotton, or synthetic fibers, with a pattern formed by weaving". His name had at first been Kecks (FFXI term for 'pants'), but at the last minute I decided I wanted a different model and couldn't figure out how to switch without canceling one content ID and buying a new one... and that didn't free up the name, bah. So I wandered wiki until I found something that would work.

11 AM and I had tons of RL stuff to do, plus I hadn't done my daily FFXI work yet, so I was pretty sure I'd be skipping Dynamis. (Plus we were going to Beau, which I'm not interested in anyway.) Wrapped gifts and stuff for a while, had an odd desire to go to Dyna. o.O I've not wanted to go in ages, but hey! Packed my bag and got there "late", but the zone was taken, so I had plenty of time and we switched to Bubu! Yay!

Alas Bubu dropped almost nothing. PUP cape x2 ... our highest PUP is just over 50. A couple MNK -1 hands dropped, one PLD -1 bit, and a BRD cape (I lost the lot with a 666). I think that's it. Pretty darned sucky drops, but was okay otherwise.

By that point I was really braindead and so gave myself an hour off from the game to watch a couple eps of my new guilty pleasure anime (which I'll have to post about some other time). Logged back on, farmed 25 stacks of grass thread for Damask. Since he's all set up now, he can start skilling tomorrow!

Cloth 100, here we come!
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