December 14th, 2008

Men hugging

Anime: Junjou Romantica

If you don't like slash or same-sex relationships you should skip this post.

Usually it takes outstanding art and a great plot for me to fall in love with a series, but my new most favorite series ever has neither!

The art in Junjou Romantica bugs me. It has tons of way too pointy/long chinned men. Note to artists: if a chin can put an eye out, it's too pointy and too long. It also does way too much of... that thing that's like when the characters go chibi but not that exactly. When the drawing gets really simple and there are blue/black lines to show an emotion. I can take a little of that, but JR does it a tad too much for my tastes.

The plot is really simple. I never would have expected that I could so deeply love a series with such a simplistic plot.

Mighty good selling job I've done on this, no?

Well believe me, it's so amazingly good! I don't dare take it to work because I cannot watch it without eeeing, acking, and making other assorted fangirl noises outloud, let alone sit still! I wiggle in my chair, hug myself, lean in, lean out. The emotions draw me in that strongly!

Junjou Romantica follows three male/male couples. First off, I had no idea there was anime like this! Second, it's soooooo sweet and eek and angsty and eee and they love each other and eeek!


So far most of the plots have been along the lines of 'Oh nos, I think I'm bothering him, I should go! I love him, but I'll go anyway forever! For him~!' and then the two realize the misunderstanding and have hot sex.

Wait, there I go not selling it well again. (And mind you, I'm only halfway through the first season, so it might get more complex. However, it's perfectly fine if it does not!)

This series is like all the best parts of slash fanfics boiled down. There's no graphic sex (yet?), but for me it's not the graphic sex that makes me go all eeee and grinning and gushing over something, it's the emotions and how the two connect and interact.

This series really is the sweetest, most wonderful, loving, eeeee hot sex OMG against the wall holding him down and eee they're fighting and now loving and eeeek yes kiss him ooooh my eeeee yay! thing I've ever watched. :D You can and should download it here.
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