December 17th, 2008

Avatar: Zuko

Horrible day made better by commercials and porn! (RL)

Most horrible work day ever, but I'm going to try to forget it ever happened.

This commercial is weeks old, but I still laugh/snicker/giggle out loud every time it comes on. Jack In The Box's meals in a bowl. I love how totally serious the silly guesses are! "Laser pointers!" "Lipstick!" "Star fish!" (Star fish! Heehee!) "Glitter!" "Rain!" Heck, I've watched it four times while writing this post. :P

Unfortunately FFXI is only adding to my stress right now, but not in a bad way(?). There's just so much I want to do. I have about six different jobs I want to work on, yet I can't work on leveling a job and work on skilling cloth on Damask. I want to get WHM to at least 74 (would rather 75, but 74 is a more reasonable goal right now). I almost didn't get my daily work done today (usually I do most of it over lunchtime, but I got next to no lunch time today).

Speaking of Damask, he's still only cloth 20. ~.~ I feel like an amazing slacker and sucky crafter, but I just have no time to work on him. Pre-60 is supposed to go fast, but it's been nearly a week now and he's not even 20! (Yes, yes, I know everyone's going to say I don't suck as a crafter. Still feels like I do.)

Every time I get a new piece of AF2 in Dyna, I want to level a new job. I got BLU AF2 body last night, and BLU's been on my list forever. It'd be a perfect next job to 75 since there's no coffers/keys for AF. I got MNK body as well though, and I'd like to take that to 75 as well. Not to mention BST and PLD, which I was working on before either of those two. And did I mention my dislike of XPing?

At least MMM got pushed back, that's one less thing on my plate right now. (Sucks to be thinking about it that way, since it's a good thing.)

Very very very annoying: Ants have invaded my bathroom. D: D: D: I had 200-300 of them in my bathtub yesterday morning! God, I hate ants. Rain in California = ants come in to find someplace dry to be. (And no rain in California = they come in to find water... 9.9 )

I haven't had a RP scene in about three weeks now, bah. Up until tonight it was back to "sitting alone in a room for 8 hours, logging off annoyed" for the past couple weeks. Tonight people are on but I'm too braindead and emotionally exhausted to want to play. :( :(

So, we'll conclude the night with porn~! I've not had a chance to watch a single Junjou Romantica ep in two days, which also was bugging me. So now I'm going to watch as much as I want! I even logged out of FFXI! Ha ha!
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