December 19th, 2008


FFXI goals

I actually wrote this post up yesterday, but it ended up being too depressed/negative so I posted it as private. Let's try for a more upbeat version today!

In no special order, other than the first couple. Goals for 2009 and beyond:

1) WHM to 74. (Can lot AF2 body!) (Currently 73.)
#) Damask high enough to start guild turn-ins.
2) WHM to 75.
3) Damask to cloth 100.
4) Damask's gold sub done. (5th time doing gold 1-60. ~.~ )
5) Damask's leather sub done. (Only second time doing 1-60! /joy )
6) Damask's smithing sub done. (3rd time doing 1-60.)
7) Damask's bone sub done. (Only second time doing 1-60! /joy )
8) Finish COR merits. (Not many more needed! ~8.)
9) MNK to 75. (Currently 18?)
10) BLU to 75. (Currently 36.)
11) PLD|BST|SMN to..? (All currently in 20s, would love to take them all to 75, but would take multiple years.)
12) Finish CoP (God help me. Yay Monday night mission static!)
13) Get the two available gothic pieces (treasure caskets from BD and Xarc).
14) Finish my AF2 sets so I can store the damned things and get space back. Being 3/5 and 4/5 on so many jobs is killing me.
15) Damask's GP items (glasses, apron, anything else).
16) Spend some time figuring out and doing MMM. Get eyepatch!

#16 should be way higher (I'd like to do it this weekend). I shouldn't have numbered the list, because adding things into the middle turned out to be a pain.

The problem with wanting to work on so many jobs is that I dislike XPing. Also I dislike getting keys/finding coffers, so AF is something of an issue. (See also: My WHM being almost 74 and having only one piece of AF1!)

This is a long term list for sure. By the end of 2009 I could see WHM done, Damask done, CoP done (please please please), gothic pieces (hopefully), MMM, key items, AF2, and hopefully one more job to 75.

If SE doesn't reduce the XP from Campaign too soon, I could see maybe getting two jobs to 75-ish in 2009. I bet MNK and BLU do really well in Campaign, I'd just have to get them high enough to go. (Is 60 the reasonable time for a DD to start going?)

Isn't this so cool? I've been playing for nearly five years now (this spring will be five years!) and I'm making plans for years out from now. :D :D

Ding WHM 74 zzz (FFXI)

Goal #1 off the list! 73 to 74 in two evenings of Campaign. About 30K XP in two nights/seven hours. Sucky for an XP party but outstanding for Campaign!

Tomorrow: Finally back to work on Damask... or WHM to 75. One of the two!
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