December 20th, 2008


Busy day! (FFXI)

Very odd day. It felt like I got nothing done, but the day was really busy. Three things off the to-do list!

1) WHM to 74. (Can lot AF2 body!) (Currently 73.)
#) Damask high enough to start guild turn-ins.
16) Spend some time figuring out and doing MMM. Get eyepatch!

Started with two back to back 8++ Besiegeds -- XP and skill-ups for WHM 74.

Right after that I got a LS party together to do a MMM run. We switched people in and out and ended up doing seven runs. Things learned:
- A group of elementals is a bitchkitty, when you have what's basically a meleeburn party.
- A group of elementals followed by a group of slimes is much worse.
- Anything else is cake.

We won all seven runs, but the ele/slime run was the worst; we beat it with 30 seconds and almost had deaths. I was healing on RDM and had no MP while we were fighting AoE-happy slimes...

We all walked out with 5K+ XP, a bunch of marbles, and eye patches!
I look less piratey with an eyepatch than with my hat. Two elves in tuxes also in the shot. IMO, the eye patch doesn't look too good on any of us. :P
It looks... slightly better?... with me on RDM? And a close up of it on an elf.
I never got a group shot of all of us with them, but two grooms, a bride, and me with eyepatches. Looks like the men all had run-ins with pointy objects and the mithra has a black eye. :P

When you run out of bullets, just throw your gun at them! Okay, I hadn't really run out of bullets, but that's still an amusing pose.

I'm really glad I got to do MMM. It's an interesting addition to the game. XP, skillups, and lots of drops -- if you could somehow control mob family (which I think you can do with more advanced mazes?), the drop thing could be a really good thing. If nothing else, being able to set beasts only would make this fast, easy, and safe XP. I'm not going to try to set this up on a daily basis, but now and then it'll be lots of fun.

So seven MMM runs took 3-4 hours, and after that I set about to finally work on Damask. He got about 25 levels of cloth and 8 levels of bone tonight, ending at 38-ish. Zero bird feathers at any AH on the server stopped him there, but that's fine -- my goal had been to get him high enough to start guild turn-ins, which I did.

I'm thinking about finishing WHM on Thistle next. Once I hit 75, I can mule and/or sell all of the armor for it. I'm having such major space issues, doing that would give me a bit of breathing room.
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