December 21st, 2008


I'm only half emo (FFXI)

After 20 total hours of farming:

After more than 20:

Yay! Amazing that I got them both in one morning after so many hours over multiple days of farming.

Goth gloves look sooooo good! The feet look better, but...

I spent ~7 hours total trying to farm the gothic boots today, but didn't get them. Went to BD when I had a couple hours to kill early in the morning, then went back and later spent the whole afternoon/evening there. Bah.

The boots look amazingly great, but I can't find a screenshot of them so you'll have to trust me on that.

Other than that, didn't do much. Zeni farming and trying to get Damask's fame up (he's too low to get the safe expansions quests, bah) -- Bastok is in last place so I tried actually doing Windy quests instead, but that was too annoying so I'll just wait until he can turn in cornettes.
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Nine out of ten Hydra heads enjoy the taste of Thistles (FFXI)

Usually I LJ post when I'm done for the evening and nothing further of interest will happen, but today had a surprise waiting for me!

I used to do lots of crafting for a HNM LS. One member saw me in Whitegate and poked me. We chatted a bit and he asked me to go kill Hydra with them. I o.O'ed at him. He said he needed a RDM (which I had been on for zeni farming). I was like 'dude, I have no armor! You don't want me!', but he did. I o.O'ed more. Eventually I agreed to go.

Stay tuned! Tomorrow I'll have time to write up how it went from here~! Late for bedtime now, zzz.
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