December 23rd, 2008


Such short posts! (FFXI)

Did the WoG tree mission fight tonight. Went well enough -- no one died, though our NIN tank went into the red once or twice. WoG is getting really, really good storyline wise.

Too. Many. Events! I know I'm totally going to forget things. :(

Saturday: Dyna-Xarc, directly after it the Pso'Jax (or however you spell it) dungeon crawl for CoP Three Paths.
Sunday: WoG Mission BC.
Monday: CoP mission usual day / three mithra BC, CoP Three Paths.

Thankfully I'm off next week or so many events in such a short period would be killer.

PS: Mac/PC is just the most amazingly cute couple ever! Need more fics and fanart~

Will write longer posts one day. zzzz

PPS: Tonight feels like Friday. Odd.
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