December 27th, 2008



I'm not sure if I'll have time for a real post tonight, but here's a link in case I don't. First spotted in pomr's LJ:

Probably the most well-done WoW video ever made. You all know I'm not a big fan of WoW's style, and its animation is even worse, but this was really, really worth watching. The music was great, the storyline was amazingly fun, and the animation was really good. (I'd say the animation was fall-down amazing, but they're still working with the WoW models/style, so...)

It always amazes me that something like that could be player-made. I have tons of stuff to do tonight, but I'm going to watch it again before I go back to FFXI-work. :D

Edit: I have to say, for a WoW character, that black haired Hume is pretty hot. :D The main character-ish one, with the pony tail.