December 29th, 2008


Link, FFXI

No time for a real post tonight... not that much exciting stuff happened today. I spent nine hours muling and defensive crafting just trying to make space. zzzz So boring, and I didn't even get all my crafting done.

Fic rec! Teh Tail of Snow Cat, a very very cute lolcat fanfic story.

And this picture has made me happy all day. :D


Off to pack for CoP mission battle now, blah.
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Girl licking

WoW obsessions, FFXI cake, lolcat slash fanfic

WoW: I have a problem. I can't stop watching that WoW video I linked to the other night. I must have watched it a hundred times now.

Worse than that, I'm lusting after that human rogue. I don't understand it. Humans are probably my least favorite character models in all of WoW. I hated seeing them in game. How can I be finding him so attractive?!

I love dark skinned, dark haired guys with pony tails, especially if they wear heavy black stuff as well, which he fits to a T. I love his poses, even the simple ones. His features are rough, brutish, even, but he has really, really pretty eyes. And perhaps his shoulder armor pings the Dark Knight part of me.

I love his dual wield of sword, and how he jumps, runs, fights, even slides.

And I bet he and that female rouge would have seriously hot angry-fighting-sex.

Stupid video is making me want to go back to WoW and be a human rogue just so I can be cool like him. D: I want to be sneaky and cool!

FFXI: Mithra BC of the Three Paths CoP mission was cake. I'm somewhat disappointed, I had really thought CoP would be harder than this. (I know they've gimped it repeatedly.) I know I shouldn't say anything, because 6-4 or the fights after that might thwart us, but... I really expected this to be worse. It's hard to maintain my flaming hatred of CoP when we're just strolling through it.

Next Monday is the snoll fight (new to me). Monday after is bugbears/key farming (did once). Week after is airship.

LOLcat slash: If I told you there was a LOLcats slash story with the following warnings, would you believe me?

Warnings: exhibitionism, voyeurism, bdsm, topping from the bottom, rimming, whisker play, virgin-kink, hastily-researched feline homosexual practices.

Well there is, and it's an amazingly entertaining read. Right here. (NWS for text.) It's really not too graphic, it's mostly just really amusing.
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