December 31st, 2008


40 hour work week/boots, graduate college/digging (FFXI)

First off: Happy New Year, everyone!

Now on to the post...
I've noticed a couple things that depress me. I know FFXI is a time-waster, but this is a little crazy.

1) Boots. I've now put in over 40 hours (42.5) farming in BD trying to get the gothic boots. Still don't have them. 40 hours is a week of work at a normal full time job! Gah! And I still don't even have the boots. ~.~

2) Chocobo digging. I graduated college in four years. I've now been digging almost five years, digging every single day (in college you get vacations and weekends off!), and I'm still not a top level digger.

Are these fair amount of time to be required to invest and still do not have the reward/goal? It's gotten to the point where I'm boggling at myself. Today I put seven hours straight into farming BD for the boots. No breaks. At work I'd get time off to eat!

I've reached some kind of critical mass point with crafting mules. They now generate more work than I can keep up with. Forget about skilling, I'm talking just processing the raw materials that pass through my hands. I vendor almost nothing from chocobo digging anymore, it can all be made into something worth more.

Thistle gets raw material, send it to Mule A. Mule A synths it into something, mails it to Mule B. Mule B synths it further, sends it to Mule C. Etc. I feel like I've built an industrial nation! Which, yeah, good for bringing money in, but the time requirements are killing me. Twice this week alone I've put a 10 hour day into just this kind of crafting and I'm still not caught up!

Guess FFXI is just starting to seem more like work than play again. I should give up on the damned BD farming, but if I do all the hours I've put in so far will be wasted (but if I don't, how many more hours will it take?).
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