March 6th, 2009

FFXI: Dark Knight (current)

Dark Knight, Death Knight, what's the difference? (WoW)

I finally hit 55 on my Hunter (yay!) so I logged him off to make a DK. I had a vague idea on names, I wanted to use a character from loupnoir's The Durmstrang Chronicles. ("But Thistle! You said you weren't into HP fandom anymore!" It's true, but that series of stories is really good reading on its own. It has magical elements, it has HP story elements, but I don't consider it HP fanfic.) Many of the characters have nice strong Russian or German sounding names, which would work for a Death Knight. Driving home, I thought I'd use the name Kessler (for a troll), but once I switched to that elf (blood elf?) the name didn't fit anymore. I was tempted by Sieg (short for Siegfried, which I'm sure would have been taken), but I was worried people would think I was trying to slip something Nazi-ish in. Haken, while not the strongest sounding of the names, fit the elf's looks best, so yay! So here's.... Haken!

Best part of DK: Horsie! Or, um, goat-horsie? I'm really not sure what's going on with those horns on its head.

Someone tell me how this thing flies?

When my Tauren Hunter was my only character, I thought I wasn't seeing the details on the character models because I was so tall (most races only come up to my thigh), but nope. Now that I'm a short race, I can see it's just lack of detail in general. Bah. :(

All in all, I'm unsure what I feel about DK. WoW is already so amazingly easy, and DK is like WoW easy concentrated down. I have only one blue piece of armor on my 55 Hunter, a character I've put a lot of time into... and this DK of mine is getting piece after piece of blue armor (I think 5 pieces tonight alone?) just handed to him. I had to spend a long time getting my mount on my Hunter, but my DK had his (a better one!) within an hour or so of being made.

WoW has always felt like cheating to me, and DK feels even more so. I don't know. In FFXI, leveling up gives me a feeling of accomplishment. I hit 55 on Hunter and 56 on DK tonight and didn't feel anything (I hardly even noticed, especially on DK). I really don't know. I wish I could feel more for WoW...

High point of the night: Yay guild! I put my DK on the server with all the ex-FFXI LS folks, so I got to talk to everyone! Yay! That's a very big plus. :)
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