March 20th, 2009


Remember Ninjai?

Anyone recall Ninjai from a few years back? A fan-made animated series about a very young ninja? Done in a really nice style? He had Little Bird as a friend?

Finally the same team has finished their next project: Karma Kula: Mystic Warrior. Unfortunately it's live action. Unfortunately it's bad.

Splitting a person in half with one swing of your sword sort of works in animation. Doing it live action? No. With one swing he split a person in half horizontally! A second swing, a second person split! This time vertically! Whole person in one swing! Sword never gets stuck on bone or anything, just a clean cut!

For the first half of the six minute trailer, I thought the main character was a woman. Then I peered, then he spoke. Oh, it's a man.

The announcer's voice, which had worked in Ninjai, totally does not work here.

The whole thing is just so painfully bad. It's sad really, since I had loved Ninjai so much.

Anyway, the point of this post is I have five invites if people want to see the sneak trailer. Just leave a comment with your email address if you do. (And after my job of selling it, how could you not want to see it~?)
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Final BSG ep...

I had mixed feelings about a lot of things, but not about one of them...

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And in conclusion: I'm never, ever buying a toy robot.

I really want to stay up and see what everyone else thought, but I'm already late for bed and I've been so short on sleep lately.
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