April 18th, 2009


Yay good weekend!

Friday: Cooking! tersa and I made 40 garlic clove chicken, asparagus, and fresh bread. Mmm. Unfortunately this wasn't a first for asparagus for me, but it confirms it's the first vegetable that I don't mind eating (other than corn and potatoes, which don't really count).

Saturday: I was hoping for RP pre-Dynamis, but I no one was on so I went to XP instead. Halfway through 69! On one hand, I wish I'd slack less about XPing. On the other, I dislike doing it and don't want to force myself to do something I don't like. So I guess my general rule is so long as I made a little forward progress when I have time, I'll be satisfied!

Dynamis was... slightly less annoying than usual. It'd be a million times better if it were half or a quarter of the time (with drops increased by two or four times). The folks on my flist who told me not to make any decisions about FFXI until after CoP ended were 100% right -- I have almost no negative feelings left about the game! I still don't feel like playing (everything seems either boring or redundant), but at least a lot of my distaste is gone.

After Dynamis, RP! RP! RP! Eeee! Very very good RP, the kind of scene a character grows from. :D Plus there was a good helping of humor (both IC and OOC), and eee, it just makes me so happy!

And lastly: Cooking! WoW cooking, that is. I'm up to nearly 300 now (nearly done in one day, woot), and I capped fishing at 450 while doing it. I need to look up how high you need cooking to do those daily quest thingies.

Hopefully tomorrow will be another good day! I might hit 70 (though maybe not, nearly no rested XP left) and hopefully I'll get more RP. :)

Still need a WoW icon. There's an artist I like who will be opening commissions soon, I'm going to try to get one from her.
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