July 31st, 2009

WoW Thack

Eeee yay cute icon! (WoW, House, RP)

ani_mama made me the bestest cutest icon ever! *pointpoints* Here's the way too cute larger version of it!

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I'm actually getting kind of tired of House. I watched all five seasons straight through (over a matter of weeks). I'm looking forward to trying new stuff. Merlin is probably next up, then hopefully I can track down Hetalia and check that out.

I've not read fanfic in ages! I keep saying I want to find House (or some other theme) fic, but I have no clue where to find good stuff anymore.

RP is chugging along. Been spending my nights on WoW RP, which has its good and bad parts. Luckily the good generally outweighs the bad, but my tolerance for bad is so low, sometimes it doesn't seem that way. My new RP character (Keen, a rogue warrior) has gotten back into most of the circles my old one (Haken, DK) had been in, so I'm happy to be RPing with them again.

Keen's so much fun to play for multiple reasons! It's really handy when a character has IC goals. ("What? You won't hire me because you can't trust me? Okay, I'm going to get you to trust me enough to hire me, not because I want the job, but because you think you won't!") Not to mention, the whole amusement of him pretending to be a warrior. This would be all well and good if a warrior 80 hadn't decided to take him under his wing: Bought him a sword (Ack! So big!), takes him out training with it (Keen: *whines* Can't I use my dagger?), etc. This is the same guy who caught Keen robbing some chick, so it's not like he's exactly fooled or anything. :D I think he's just enjoying torturing poor Keen!

Heeheehee. RP rocks!

Edit: *ponders icons* I wonder if it's time to change my default one? Corsair Thistle (made by ani_mama as well!) is kind of out of date now... it still feels like me, but it's not... This one is very cute...