August 27th, 2009

WoW Thack

10,000 HKs on the wall, 10,000 HKs, you take one down, pass it around, 9,999 HKs on the wall...

When I was working on that, I had thought that 10,000 was a lot of HKs. Then I read that 100,000 is the final achievement, and it comes with a title, and suddenly 10,000 seemed like just a drop in the bucket!

Unfortunately the title you get is meh. "of the Horde". For 100K HKs, it should be something exciting! Something with more character! "Mass murderer", "PHD in genocideology", or my favorite idea: "WMD" -- Weapon of mass destruction! The description of the achievement could be something like "Well of course no one could find you, you were in Azeroth all this time!".

Anyway, in non-murderous news, I may die of lack of sleep! zzzzz So tired. Again I stayed up too late last night (EEEEE outstanding and eeee and RP so good it made me wiggle in my seat!), and I woke up three hours before my damned alarm went off and couldn't go back to sleep, so I got less than two hours of sleep last night, and not much more each of the last five nights. Gah! (But still: Eeee RP!)
Men hugging

Slash goggles (TV)

(It's very hard to spell 'goggles', my fingers refuse to type anything other than 'googles'.)

My latest TV series has been Big Bang Theory. The promos for it had sort of caught my attention now and then, but I always avoided it because I generally don't like network comedy series. Boy was I wrong on this one! It's so cute! The characters are all geeks, which makes it even cuter! I want to hug them all! (I'm about a quarter way through the second season. Merlin, Burn Notice, and all other things have been paused until I'm caught up on Big Bang.)

I was starting to get worried though, as there's a big Big Bang slash community. There are five main characters and four of them are men, so you'd think there'd be tons of slash potential, but I just don't see it. One main character couldn't like women more (canon, no questions, he loves women -- he could still be bi, true, but seems very clear his focus is on women). Second main character is asexual. Third can't speak around women (teehee, so cute!) so there's potential there... The fourth is... icky. #4 also loves women to the mentioned point of being icky about it. So two of the four men clearly like women, one is outside the whole sex thing, and one has slash-potential. You can't slash someone with themself!

But I was worried it was just me. Was I losing my slash goggles? It does happen, same as people finding them. Then, in today's fandom_secrets I saw the cutest Mac/PC love picture. Eeeeee! I think Mac/PC is my current favorite couple. They're just so different people! But they have such... energy together! And they're so darned cute!

So maybe it's not just me... *polishes his goggles*