September 18th, 2009


Grumpiness with WoW: Growing

I've previously said that RP is what keeps me happy with WoW. The game itself doesn't do much for me, but the fact that I can get lots of entertaining RP keeps me happy there.

I haven't gotten good RP in two weeks or more.

I don't know what in the world happened. People used to walk up to me, I used to be able to join random scenes... Now I try to join an ongoing scene and everyone ignores me. So much fun posing into a scene, posing at someone, and having them just go on with what they were doing! I've not met a good RPer in ages. (Sure most WoW RPers are average at best, but I used to run into good ones every couple days!)

Blah. Blah, I say!

That's only a small part of my grumpiness. I hate AV. I've hated AV from day one. Doing it every day, for hours a day, weeks on end, has not improved my opinion of it.

The only "good" thing about AV is that I can slack my ass off in it, and that's not really a good thing. I could work hard, fight every moment I'm in the BG, do my very best... or I could do nothing. I can just remain stealthed and near the battles, never drawing my weapon, and make the exact same reward. Same honor, same XP, as someone who puts their full effort into it. That's a stupid system. Plus, AV is Too Damned Big (number of people, not size-wise), and the people suck just way, way, way too much ass.

I love AB, I still love AB, but the problem is that AV is so much better for honor and XP. Blah. AB is much much smaller, every person's effort counts! It's much closer to working as a team, unlike AV where you're just part of a horde (ha ha).

So all in all: blah.

Edit: Blah, work distracted me and I forgot the whole darned point of this post! The biggest reason I was grumpy! The final straw of grumpiness! I added a bunch of new addons last night, and one of them had the unadvertised feature of selling all your greys for you if you click on a vendor. This would have been all well and good if:

1) The most important piece of my RP outfit wasn't grey.
2) The first time I experienced this behavior was in a BG.
3) The BG ended seconds later.

So: No buyback option. ARG! I nearly cried. (I was able to get a new mask, but it took me hours! D: Stupid annoying addon. I uninstalled it even though it had other handy features -- the selling part wasn't mentioned anywhere, let alone having an option to turn it off.)
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Oops! (correction & WoW)

So Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana is only 15? Ha ha, I had no idea! Hope no one was offended by the cherry post/image thing. The logic of it still applies, but still! Probably shouldn't talk about underaged girls in that way. :P *not a pedo!*

Done though nothing but turning in blood, armor parts, and flesh in AV, I hadn't done a quest since pre-20!

I can has title!

Do people use addons for taking screenshots in WoW? I've never been able to get good ones. They always look grainy and low quality, no matter what type of file I save them as. (I don't think it can be my machine, my FFXI ones always looked sharp.)

The XP needed to next level goes way up at 70, huh? It's taking forever in AV now. zzz I've been 70 for days, even with adding Dal and Shatt fishing and cooking dailies in. Blah, 80 is going to take forever, but at least that'll build my HKs up.

100K HKs comes with "...of the horde" title. Anyone know if I can use both at once? "Ambassador Kianlar of the Horde"? Cause that'd be pretty cool. :D
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