October 7th, 2009

WoW Thack

Comm rec (WoW)

wow_secrets is like fandom_secrets and all the other _secret comms: users send in secrets and they get posted anonymously. I had an entertaining few hours reading through all the old posts. So many good secrets!

Secrets like this one and this one sum up what I like about the net... even if they don't mean to and show the downside of this aspect as well. You can get to know the real person without other things getting in the way. (Unfortunately those 'other things' are sometimes important, and in the case of those two secrets, might keep people out of prison. :P )

Unfortunately semi-related to the above point, some secrets are so sad -- how can you have any kind of a relationship with such a basic ... lie? misunderstanding? :( Poor folks involved!

I love this secret, it's one of the things that make me like the fraction system. Some of my favorite moments have been interacting with the Alliance in some non-killing way. (In fact, last night I /grin'ed at a 75 mage and then vanished in an attempt to spook him -- I felt bad for hours after that that I had been being mean instead of trying to communicate in a nice way! But I had been PvPing for hours and that sometimes leaves me feeling more aggressive than usual.)

A lot of the secrets made me snicker. I do NOT want to know where you live!

I went 'awww!' over way too many of them. Yay friends! I imagine this was someone he loves instead of just a low level alt of his. :P

A bunch of them had me going 'Me too!'. Mmmmmmmmm yes! ANd: Switch 'relationship' for 'butsex'.

Some just used great fanart. Or silly screenshots (with sad secrets).

So, for an entertaining time, friend that comm! And send in your secrets! They need more! :D
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