October 13th, 2009



Yay new TV season! What I'm watching, in no special order.

House: Woot! Some people are bitching about the change in the character (and thus the show), but I don't see it. Characters need to change, evolve -- how could the character be exactly the same five years later? Still my favorite currently-airing non-comedy show.

Merlin: I got through the whole season. Go team me! I actually enjoyed it near the end, and almost loved the last ep (alas they copped out on a character death and so lost a lot of standing with me). I think there's a second season going on? I'll download it eventually.

Dexter: Meh. The first season was The Best Thing Ever. The second season was okay. This third season is like a totally different show. Blah.

Star Gate: Universe: I only watched the first ep, but I like it quite a bit. It feels almost BSG-ish. (Hey, if you're 487194031470 billion light years from Earth, you might as well be the last humans alive!) I'm going to download the other available eps tonight.

Smallville: Enjoying it, but not OMG MUST WATCH IT NOW. I don't generally think about female characters all that much, but Lana has such pretty eyes! I can't stop watching her when she's on the screen. It's sort of hard to suspend disbelief long enough to buy Clark being in high school (how old is the actor, 28? older?), but it's still enjoyable in small doses.

Hetalia: Speaking of small doses... An anime series where the eps are only about 4 minutes long sure is easy to catch up on! Still, I can't watch more than a few at a time, it's cute but almost too cute. <3 Germany! (But he's about the only character we've met so far, other than annoying "PASTA!" Italy.)

Big Bang Theory: The only show I have to watch when it airs instead of downloading it later. I can't remember the last show that made me laugh so much and so often! I have no idea at all why it does so well in the ratings, since Americans generally don't like smart folks, but I'm happy it does!

Burn Notice, Castle, GI Joe: Still semi-watching these, as in watching an ep every week or two when I get bored of other things.
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