October 14th, 2009


Quickie update while waiting for BG to open... (WoW, gaming/RL, RP)

RP: I take back all I said about RP on Moon Guard and apply it to just Alliance RP on Moon Guard. :P Yesterday I made a belf character there, and got two scenes that same day and one today! I worry a little about how low my standards are sinking, as I enjoyed the first scene even though it was with an utter godmodder. He posed attacking me off the bat, posed a success each time, posed kicking me in the chest and making me cough up blood, posed me nearly bleeding to death... yet somehow I enjoyed it. I think (hope!) it might have been because I had been so long without RP... Scene after him was much much better (above average WoW RP), and the scene today was outstanding, at least as good as better-than-average MU* RP.

WoW: Thank god Keen is 80, as Horde has forgotten how to play every single PvP BG. We used to be able to win a couple of them, but now? We win NOTHING. AV was yesterday's daily. I went 0/25 before finally getting a win. Strand was today's, I went 0/7 before a win. Every single BG is like this. It's insane. We even lose WG, when we did nothing but win for weeks. Thankfully I don't need to or want to PvP much anymore, I just let myself be driven insane by do the daily.

I'm sitting on the whole druid character right now, since I'm getting my RP on MG.

Gaming: After thinking about it for a year or so, I finally bought a Wii. As usual, I bought it off Amazon (I swear, I forget RL stores exist, I get everything on Amazon now even if I want it right away). My main purpose for getting it is Wii Fit. I've gotten soooooo bad about exercising, maybe that will help. I figure the other sports games will help at least a little, too -- even just standing up and swinging my arms around will be more exercise than sitting at the computer!

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