November 4th, 2009


Quickie vacation post

1) Walmart is everything everyone says it is. I went there for the first time today (my mother loves the place). I had no idea there were that many poor/white trash people in all of California. Very overweight women wearing things three sizes too small. Dirty kids running wild drooling on everything. Just the lowest class people I've ever seen around here, and tons of them -- we went at 11 AM and the place was packed. (My first thought was 'Don't these people work?!', then I laughed at myself.)

2) Sometimes I really hate tech. Since my new TV is HD, I got a new HD cable box so I could watch HD stuff. I've spent six hours so far trying to set up these damned things, and it's still not all working. Forget about the Wii or PS2 or any other pieces, I can't even get the TV/cable box/Tivo working together. Irony that I've gotten all this new crap for the Wii and I'm back to not being able to use it...

3) Apparently my new TV isn't as big as I think it is. My mother saw it and said "Oh, that's small!". Ha ha. I think it's big and still love it. :P

4) I now own a sofa! Big and leather, very soft -- lay down on it and you might never be seen again! Shock and amazement, I've lived alone for well over 10 years and this is the first time I've owned a sofa.

5) MISSING RP! Arg! *twitches* But other than that, vacation is going well.
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