January 15th, 2010


I will not be turning into a pig this season, and my computer might catch on fire (RL)

I was finally able to get my H1N1 shot. Woo woo, no turning into a pig for me! Seems really late in the season to be finally able to get it, but hey. It came with a girly pin bandaid (which luckily is hidden by my shirt sleeve).

I suspect my computer might be fixing to catch fire and/or run out the door. Twice in 12 hours it did a really odd thing: Screen went black, whole machine seemed to lock up (the first time I was in a quiet area of WoW, but the second was in a battle so I could tell the noise did that 'window froze' thing). WoW friend thought my video card might be going, so I googled around a bit and decided it might be the temperature of the card. I downloaded a program that would monitor how hot various parts were working (and how fast the fans were turning). Wow! The video card was 100+ C (200+ F!). Hottest it got was 107/222. (My card is rated safe over 120C, but... sheesh!)

I leave my machine running overnight (with WoW loaded but window minimized) and it was about 70 C this morning. Logging on for a half-hour this morning sent me into the high 80s.

I opened up the housing and I need to get a little fan to direct inside (going to be a pain in the ass, since it'll hit my legs as well. I'm cold enough as it is!).

Last summer my machine was shutting itself down and I thought it might have been because it was too hot, so maybe it is. (This is the first time seeing the black screen behavior though.) Blah!