April 21st, 2010


No Russian eye-blurring pictures... just naked ones

The random LJ image sites are interesting in that you can see just how common Russian journals are becoming. I'd say eight journals in ten are Russian.

Totally work safe: Way cool house! If I owned a home, I'd love love love to do that. :D

The second interesting thing I found was a Russian...adult? journal. I think it's supposed to be "artistic nude people", not just porn-ish. There's some really interesting stuff in no_standart_ero (NWS!). Some "normal" nude/porny stuff, but a lot of it is really artistic/interesting. Examples:

Very strange but cool! -- Work safe? Naked woman, but seen from the side with nothing showing. Not suggestive.

Highly creative! -- Work safe? Naked woman, even less shown, seen from the side. Suggestive.

Though a lot less common, there are some naked guys, too. NWS! I really love this picture. The guy has just a normal body, but it's somehow so hot. The way his neck is stretched, I think...

There's a lot of wacky nude stuff, too. NWS!

Totally unrelated, the president and first lady were on American Idol tonight. Wacky!