April 26th, 2010

cat chewing

The bacon is a lie (cooking)

While grocery shopping, I spotted American cheese slices with bacon in them. I'm not all that much of a cheese fan, but put bacon into something and I'd want to try it, so into the cart it went! (Yeah, the link says cheddar, but mine was American, this was the only image I could find online.)

Arriving home, I made a grilled cheese sandwich with it. It tasted like grilled cheese... no bacon flavor at all. Blah.

Fast forward until yesterday. I needed to use some eggs, and usually when I make eggs I like some kind of breakfast meat with them. See, I don't really like eggs, but I had a couple left from doing the chicken cutlets so... On the rare occasion I make them, I like something with them so they don't taste so eggy, but alas no breakfast meat. Then I remembered... CHEESE WITH BACON IN IT! Perfect, no? I tossed a slice in with the egg and ended up with an icky American Cheese gloopy mess. No bacon taste, just cheese. Two thumbs down.

Later the same day I made baked chicken breasts with barbecue sauce. So bland. Blah.

It's getting to the point where I'm almost looking forward to Mondays since I won't have to eat my own cooking anymore!