June 10th, 2010


I really liked Drew Carey, until I started following his blog

When Drew Carey first took over on The Price Is Right, he annoyed me. He would say "god bless you" and "bless you" to every contestant who made it up onto stage. Someone must have told him to stop, because in the second season that mostly vanished and I forgot about it.

Then I found his blog.

He posts from his iPad. Which he has named his Jesus Pad.

From his blog today, telling about how his kid accidentally broke his wife's nose:

"But I gained some insight from all this while in my role as a supportive observer. I reckon that as Jesus suffered on the cross, when he screamed out "Father, Father, why did you forsake me?", God probably answered "Because you broke my nose when you were five."




Speaking of iPads, I'm leaning back towards keeping mine. It's amazing how well it works before 9 AM! ("Well" compared to it being basically dead in the afternoon.) It working for half my work day is better than not having it at all? I guess I'm lucky Silicon Valley is full of slackers who think the work day starts at 10 AM! :P

I totally forgot to bring it to a meeting today! I'm thinking about it as a toy I have to keep hidden at work, but it would actually be valid for me to bring it with me!

However I will not, under any circumstances, ever call it my "Jesus Pad".