July 16th, 2010


Can they smell it on me? (WoW)

It's very, very strange to play Alliance. I'm halfway to 16, and every time I set foot in a town or city I still expect the NPCs to swarm me. It's also very hard not to /yell FOR THE HORDE or comment back to people on trade. I keep trade on for the chance to sign guild charters for gold. Alas I've only caught one so far, and just for three gold (cheapest I've ever been paid).

I decided not to switch money to Dog through the neutral AH. It's kind of fun and interesting to do everything on my own. Yesterday was rough quest-wise, I just couldn't find the right area (level-wise) and died endlessly. Today was much better.

I really like the human starter quests (all the way through Westfall, where I am now). I used to mock the "go bring me 10 wet cat eyes and 20 torn wolf claws" quests, but those really are my favorites now. (Especially as I'm doing skinning and mining on him.)

On H-side, haken_the_dk has been getting quite a bit of RP, enough that I actually turned some down tonight. That's a nice change, I hope it keeps up.
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