November 13th, 2010


Movie, food poisoning?, Nano Haiku

This weekend's movie is Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. If this movie did one thing, it demonstrated my lack of ability to turn my brain off. From the very first moments, it had me rolling my eyes. Five men shot, and not one drop of blood on their uniforms or the ground. Jones&company repeatedly shot at with machine guns and no one is ever hurt. Jones survives a nuclear blast by hiding in a refrigerator which flies a far distance through the air and he walks out of just fine. All this, and I'm only halfway through the darned movie.

As annoying as the movie is, last night was even less fun. I spent from 11 PM to 4 AM in the bathroom. Three times I tried to leave, but I didn't get more than a couple steps before I had to go back in. In the past I had thought I had food poisoning, but I think maybe this time I really did. I got only a couple broken hours of sleep last night, I feel so horrible now. Blah.

I forgot to do Nano Haiku yesterday. Oh well! I think 12 days in was about as far as I got with the 'month of RP questions' thing, too.
Men hugging

Looking for love on the battleground (WoW)

Bored, I tossed mini-Keen into a random BG, just to see how it'd go. Surprisingly, I had a good time! I used to love PvP, but then I burnt out and hated it endlessly, but I guess I got over that! I did three or four BGs and one WG (with all the quests) and had enough honor to upgrade TWO pieces! So much faster than doing it with instances/JPs! Mini-Keen now has just blue wrists and trinkets that need upgrading.

It was kind of funny, PvPing after my dream about it the other night. Rogues would leap out at me and I'd be all "*grin* Why hello there! Wanna go someplace quieter-- HEY STOP STABBING ME OWOWOWOW THAT HURTS! *dead*". It was really quite distracting! :P

So with his two upgrades, Keen's doing better damage. Not great damage, but at least not so low I'd be worried about being kicked out of pugs for sucking. (Not that I do pugs, but still!)
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