May 14th, 2011


Movie of the week: Iron Man

I'm not exactly sure why I put Iron Man into my Netflix queue. Robert Downey Jr is cute, but that's not usually enough to make me want to see something. Maybe I had fond memories of the commercials?

Whatever the reason, it arrived on my doorstep and so became Movie of the Week. There's about a half-hour left to go in it, so the fact that I'm posting now might be a hint as to how I feel about it.

It had its moments. Mostly in the beginning. Some moments were cool, some were amusing. But the storyline? ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ I knew from the first moment we saw the bald guy that he would turn out to be a bad guy. Every step of the way I was guessing correctly what would happen. Plus there's the silly element, so little of what happened made sense or is the slightest bit realistic...

I'm not a comic book movie person, so this wasn't a good match for me off the bat. I've watched an hour and a half of it, but it feels like it took a week and a half to do so. zzzzz I suppose I'll watch the last half hour of it, but if I had anything better to do I'd do it instead.

Edit: I really should have found something better to do. Gah. RAISE YOUR HAND IF YOU WERE SURPRISED BY THE ENDING. Bah.