June 6th, 2011


One hour down, twenty-three+ more to go...

So much for that plan... I was expecting them to check my computer while I waited and to leave with it. 24 hours just to do the diagnosis! Arg! Thankfully I have my iPad, which isnt great but is something, some little connection to the net.

Have the day off from work... with no computer. Arg! No idea what I will do all day...

I'm twitching already. Gimme my machine back! I better get it tomorrow. D:

Hour six...

"Interesting" things I have done so far today to pass time:

Hemmed pants. I haven't sewn anything in years. Ruined pants.

Watched anime on iPad - Spice and Wolf. Seemed okay, but not what I wanted to do.

Checked flist, guild site, and every other bookmark I have over and over.

Played every game on my iPad until my hands couldnt take anymore.

Watched way too much TV.

Looked out window - I finally understand why cats do it so much: entertainment.

Computer place closes at 7, will call at 5 and see if I can get some info. Diagnosis takes 24 hours, how long for repair? I seriously may go insane.
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The downside of Groupon

So I called the computer place at 5, and while my machine was on the work bench, the guy working on it was gone. As he was there before 9 AM, I assumed it was for the day. Apparently only one person will work on each machine...

They open at 8, and 9 will be 24 hours. But if he has still not even done the diagnosis? I can threaten to show up and take my machine unworked on, but seeing how I used Groupon, the only loss will be mine... I paid already ($50 for $100 of service), so there's no cash refund for me. Still, I will have my machine by the end of tomorrow night, worked on or no.

Even though I'm supposedly not making money on WoW anymore, there's still one item I sell. It kills me that someone else could be moving into my market right now, buying up all of my raw mats...

On the plus side, I am getting faster typing on the iPad... Autocorrect helps a lot.

I finished one good book and started an even better one. Toothless. I picked it up because it sounded a whole lot like it was about Death Knights, and wow, it so totally is. They have a Voice in their head (Yew, the thing that raised them), there are ghoul-type creatures working with the "Knights", they have no sense of smell or taste (hi Morn!), need no food or sleep (though they not-really-sleep out of habit). The Voice is so much like the LK's was in the starter quests. I googled to see if the author played WoW, but didn't find an answer.

Back to work tomorrow, but at least I'll have computer access there. Seriously, an entire day with no computer seriously, seriously sucks. Nothing to do, no not to talk to, no RP... Not even this week's GoT to watch!