June 11th, 2011

Men hugging

That's Gay

After my last post about offensive words, the timing of this one amuses me. Current TV channel has a show I just stumbled onto: That's Gay. It's one of the funniest things I've seen on TV, plus it has some interesting (and scary) information.

One of the features was on all the small things in commercials, half-hidden pride flags, all sorts of pro-same sex symbols and messages that are on the screen almost too quick to notice. (Not quick enough to count as subliminal advertising, but quick enough that you'd miss it unless you were watching for it.)

Another was about same-sex marriage and the "logic" some conservative activist use. Mind boggling, face palm worthy stuff. Like this:

Former three-time Republican presidential candidate Alan Keye said: "Granting homosexuals the right to marry is like granting plantation owners the right to own slaves." Go ahead, think about that for a moment.

It's all so amusing and so informative. Reviews on apps, movies, TV, advertisements, funny segments with people, political stuff. I'm setting Tivo to record future eps for me, it's very worth watching.
WoW: Little Dog

Bye bye, Crow! And hello green beans! (Cooking and WoW)

Continuing my trend of posting commissioned icons that didn't come out right... Say hello to Little Dog! Mornherald's wolf mount, he and Haken raised her from a little puppy. Does that not look like a WoW style wolf?

"New" vegetable of the week was green beans. Not exactly new, I've had them at some previous point in my life, but close enough to count. I got enough to make two attempts this weekend. The first one was pretty bad, but it was unplanned so that's not surprising. I made that basic chicken breast in condensed soup recipe and threw in a handful of green beans working under the idea that they might come out tasting like everything else. Turns out the taste wasn't horrible (I didn't like it, but wasn't so bad I couldn't eat a few bites), it's just the texture that kills me. I get this "Eww, there are PLANT IN MY MOUTH! So wrong! Not food! Arg!" reaction to so many vegetables. :/

Tomorrow I'm going to try roasted green beans. Toss in olive oil and salt, then bake. I'm betting that'll come out better.

On the WoW front, I decided I'm going to faction change an alt sooner rather than later. Like tomorrow. I just need to figure out how much gold to send with him...

I decided on Crowfeathers (hunter) over Thack (druid). Class-wise, it's a toss up. I have a hunter and druid there already as my mains. Profession-wise it's another toss up. Crow has alchemy/mining, Thack has alchemy/herbing. Thack is 85, Crow is my only non-85 Horde (82).

If I move Crow, I can finish leveling him while chatting with Alliance folks (there's always someone on, often many people on), and as I'd do it through archaeology, he'd get the advantage of hasty hearth through guild perks (helps a ton with archaeology). The biggest issue is that while they're both tauren (thus UGLY), Thack being a druid means I rarely see him as his tauren self. Crow I only see as a tauren.

This will be the third time I've spent RL money on Crow. He had a realm change, then another to WRA, now from Horde to Alliance. I suppose I'll make him a worgen, as worgen are the spiffiest things around and one can't have too many worgen alts. (HMMMM. I wonder if I should wait and app him ICly into the guild instead of Thistle? Apping Thistle would bring boundless problems, one of the largest being that he and Dande can't very well interact... With Crow that would be moot, and Crow would ICly be a much better, more useful employee. No, I have no idea for a personality for him yet, but anything would be a better employee than Thistle. Must ponder this more!)

The reason for the suddenly-hurried move is a ring. A purple ring. Myrmidon's Signet. Level 53 purple agi ring. How fitting for my level 57 hunter! And I've had the darned ring for a year, waiting to be able to use it.

So... how much gold should I send? I'm down to 515K after making Thistle's Vial of Sands. I'm thinking about splitting the money half-- oh WTF. There's a 50K limit while faction changing for characters level 81+. 50K, gah. (Would people beat me if I wrote "That's nothing!"?)

I could make a bunch of vial of sand mounts and resell them on Alliance side, but if I had extras I'd much rather give them away. (And no, I can't ship them cross-server, sorry.)

I keep checking the page with the gold limits, thinking I must have missed a zero somewhere. Nope, it's really 50K. Wacky. I guess that makes it simple though! I'll finish the mount and shift Crowfeathers to blue tomorrow.