March 19th, 2012

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I kept having TV-related things come up all weekend, but I never got an actual post written.

On Saturday there was a Quantum Leap marathon, so I caught some eps. I never saw the show before, I'm not sure how I missed it until now. It sure was dated, which surprised me at first. Checking wiki, I saw it was out around 1990-1992-ish. "1992! That's not long ago at all! How could they write stuff like this?!" Darned time, moving so fast. 1992 really does feel like just a couple years ago.

Anyway, first Leap ep I saw, he jumped into the body of a rape victim. Her parents, the doctors, everyone was all "Didn't you yell? Why didn't you try to get away? Wasn't anyone else around? Couldn't you get out of the car? Why didn't you fight back?" It made me all :/ .

The next one was him jumping into the body of a chimp, which lead to very heavy-handed Important Lessons about experimenting on animals. Between this ep and the last one I saw (jumped into the body of a war vet who had his legs blown off), I ran into what seemed like a boggling plot hole: So he's in this new body. Everyone sees a chimp or a war vet or a woman or whatever it is. It's his mind in the new body. Yet when he wanted to, he could walk around as the legless guy. The chimp could swim (early on in the ep they pointed out it's impossible for chimps to swim because of their body mass). The legless guy walked through air, as if he still had legs. How in the world would that work? He's in their body. The body has no legs. Thus he shouldn't be able to walk.

Also: The Walking Dead. Last ep last night, sigh. Game of Thrones is restarting April 1st, but I'd trade that season for a new season of Walking Dead. Between finishing Misfits and Walking Dead being done, I'm all depressed over TV.

I mostly like the ep, other than I can't ever type during them because my arms are always wrapped around myself and I'm drawn into a ball in my chair. Zombies! EVERYWHERE! Arg. I really loved the end of the ep and I'm dying to know what happens next... just have to wait for the next season. Sigh.

WoW is depressing. A ton of MoP info came out today. The one and only thing I wanted from MoP was all 50 slots on one server. I have 8 85s, 1 84, and 1 78 alt. That's 10. We're getting ONE new slot in MoP. Sigh. Why one? Why? What a waste. Though I suppose this means I won't have to do much XPing in the future, because I sure as hell am not paying for a second account. Which also means I'll likely get bored sooner, which means I'll be quitting sooner. Hear that, Blizz? Not that you care or anything...

At least the female pandas look okay.

I got the new spectral mount from awhisperofdusk returning to WoW, yay! They're really hard to get a good screenshot of though, so pretend there's one linked here. The one from veloxe returning should be ready tonight! :D I'm not sure what to do with the second one. Both Reed and Clove have no special flying mounts, so it goes to one of them. It fits Reed better, though I don't know if it would ever be used ICly, so that doesn't matter much. Clove still has 7 levels to go, so I'd use it more if I gave it to Clove (Reed logs on once a day for the daily transmute, that's it). *ponder*
WoW: Keen

Everybody look left! Everybody look right! Everywhere you look I'm--! (WoW)

So close to being King. I've made a mini-game for WoW: When you collect all of the drops from the Lich King's Unsealed Chest, you get to be the next King!

Reins of the Crimson Deathcharger - Check when I got it for Thistle, plus I have an extra one in the bank.
Muradin's Favor - Got it this morning. Kind of a useless item, but it's one of the five!
Jaina's Locket - One was posted tonight! Overpriced (in my opinion, there's no set price for these things), but I grabbed it anyway.
Tabard of the Lightbringer - Got a while back for Reed, but I couldn't bring myself to give it to him and have it bind to him.
Sylvanas' Music Box - Still missing.

My guild bank is a happy place!

I'd complain that my goal was going to be reached too quickly (two of the five items in one day), but I think the music box will be the rarest of them all, and will likely be seriously overpriced, so...

I'm trying very very hard not to look at my total gold. It's not been this low since early in Cata. :/ But what good is it if I don't spend it on things I want? Then it'd be just like FFXI, where I quit the game sitting on millions of gil.

In other WoW news, we did two new-to-me raids tonight. BWL and MC. Lowbie stuff, but I hadn't been to them before. Lots of people got drops they wanted, yay! It was interesting seeing new places.

So tired now. I don't usually do PvE stuff like that on work nights. My brain feels melty. zzz
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