November 12th, 2012

Book with cat 2

Once bitten... (Books)

Since I'm doing a good job on reducing the size of my To Read pile, I was poking around on Amazon for some new books. The site recommended Wool, by Hugh Howey for me.

On the surface, this looked like a good match. Post-apocalyptic, a whole lot (2,000+) five star reviews.

But then I noticed it. The book is self published. With one single exception, I have not read a self-published book that was worth paying any amount of money for. The one exception was someone on my friends list (hi loupnoir), and I do have another in my To Read pile written by another person on my friends list (though I can't recall which LJ name goes with pen name -- hi AJ Rose!). But non-LJ friends self published stuff? Nothing but god-awful unreadable piles of crap.

And I mentioned all the good reviews of Wool? Contain lines like "One small note to other authors that might be reading this review, part of what makes Wool a joy to read is the lack of grammatical and spelling errors of so many of the self published books.". The fact that a self published book is doing the bare minimum that should be required of a book...

Sigh. It's only $5 and change, but I really don't want to get burned again. I'm sure there are good writers out there who are self publishing, but when so many of them are just so awful they should have their keyboards taken away...

Has anyone happened to have read Wool?

Edit: I wish Amazon would mark books as self published. Once I find a book I'm interested in, if I don't recognize the publisher's name, I always google to see if it's traditional or not.