January 2nd, 2013


That's quite enough, LJ...

I've never before seriously considered leaving LJ. I have a permanent account, which means I paid $125? $150? to be here. I've been posting near-daily (sometimes more than daily!) since August of 2002. That's a darned lot of history.

I know LJ's connection/loading issues are for a "good cause". They let some Russian political people post what they like, and others don't like that, so they launch DoS attacks. That's gone on many times in the past, that's going on now.

I've been patient. I've been loyal. But I'm nearing the end of my rope.

No other site I visit on the net has as many issues as LJ. Tumblr and Twitter both must get a ton more traffic, but both are a lot more stable. I assume Facebook is as well, or I'd hear complaining about it.

Part of the thing that will keep me from leaving is I don't know where I'd go. I don't want to go to DW (I know it's lasted a while, but it reminds me of Insane Journal and the handful of other blogging sites people said would replace LJ). I dislike Tumblr for anything other than reposting fluff. I wouldn't touch Facebook with a ten foot pole.

I suppose I'll stay and ride this trouble out, but unfortunately my friends list is getting quieter and quieter, which doesn't help things. I know I should venture out and find new people to friend, but I've forgotten how. Not being in any fandoms has reduced my contact with outside folks.

Now let's see if this will actually post...