January 5th, 2013

Cat shrimp (hungry now?)

Lasagna Cupcakes

Lasagna Cupcakes: Good food in need of a better name.

Today I made lasagna cupcakes, little mini personal lasagnas. They came out quite well!

Unfortunately I didn't follow the recipe closely, which I think is where the few problems came in. Instead of measuring things, I just put some in. Spoonful of this, sprinkle of that.

The other mistake I mad was not setting the timer. c.c Or rather, I set it, but forgot to push 'start'. Good thing my mental clock kept poking me to go check them, they were only a little darker on top than I would have liked.

Taste-wise they were good to me, but I suspect others would like more spice. (I made an addition to the recipe: I put some garlic powder on the burger meat while I was browning it.)

Alas mine didn't come out as solid as hers. Only once mine were cool could I pick them up at all, before that they were soupy. I suspect I put in too much sauce.

Comments on the recipe say they freeze and reheat well, which I hope is true. Not only do I have a lot of this batch left, I have most of the wrappers and lots of cheese and some meat left. I think I'm going to make another batch up tomorrow.

My supermarket was out of wonton wrappers, so I had to get egg roll wrappers, but they seemed to work just as well. Bonus: Both types were the same price, but from each egg roll wrapper I got FOUR circles, where the wonton wrappers made one each.

Carb-wise, these weren't bad at all. One eggroll wrapper has 18 grams of carbs, and you use two circles/less than half a wrapper per lasagna. You'd have to add in for the sauce too, (and of course carbs aren't the only thing one has to watch for), but all in all, this was a good way to have "pasta" in an easy portion control.

Unrelated to cooking: FedEx brought me a box from Amazon today. This was a surprise as I hadn't ordered anything lately. Turns out it wasn't my address. Wrong street address, wrong apartment number. c.c I was curious as heck as to what was in it, but did the responsible thing and called FedEx to come back and get it.