January 10th, 2013

WoW: Thistle with carrot

My failed dinner II: The electric boogaloo?

Using the rest of the chicken and a spoonful of last night's sauce, I tried to rescue my homemade version of chicken satay. No go.

Cooked up the chicken in a pan. It had been cut for stir fry, which I think translates into "bits and pieces we ended up with after making other cuts" in supermarket lingo... yet they charge more for it than whole pieces. Being lazy (and disliking touching raw chicken) I had bought it.

While it cooked, I made the sauce. Peanut butter, soy sauce, some brown sugar, and a spoonful of the original sauce from the jar. Sort of but not closely following this recipe.

When I tasted it, something was wrong with it (soy flavor was too strong?). I added another spoonful of sugar and that helped. Note that by this point the sauce had two tablespoons of brown sugar as well as peanut butter. That was a darned lot more carbs than I wanted.

The sauce ended up better with the sugar, but still not good. I had a couple bites of the chicken and tossed the rest out.

This morning driving to work there was a news story on NPR about how a third to a half of the food produced in the world is wasted/thrown out. Boy did I feel guilty. (It still kills me that I had to throw out a whole turkey breast. What a waste. It could have fed a hungry family for days.) Problem is, if I have any hope of eating healthy, I have to keep cooking.

For my next attempt, I'm going to find a recipe and follow it exactly. I own quite a few cookbooks, I just need to pick something from one.