January 14th, 2013

Chi_ :o

The Carrie Diaries

Sometimes timing and chance work perfectly and lead you to an unexpected new love.

Nothing good is on TV most nights, so when the show I was currently watching ended, I knew the 8 o'clock hour would bring nothing else of interest, so I left it on that channel. Some show called The Carrie Diaries started, and the music caught my ear. Something from the 80s. That made me look at the screen, and right from the first moments I got My So Called Life vibes.

Checking the on-screen guide, I was surprised to see this was the pilot ep -- what are the chances? I thought this show had been on a season already, so the odds of it being the pilot wouldn't have been great.

A few minutes in, and I was in love. The show is set in the 80s. So much music I remembered and don't hear anywhere near often enough. Hair, outfits, families, everything was familiar. It was great.

Over the first commercial break I did some googling, turned out this was the premier of the pilot. Critics, who have gotten the first three eps on DVD already, seemed to like it, too. (And I was far from the only one who got My So Called Life vibes.)

If you remember My So Called Life, don't set your standards too high. The Carrie Diaries isn't the amazing thing that was, but it's really, really, really good. I would never have checked the show out on purpose, and it would have been my loss.

If you remember life in the 80s, if you have or remember being a teenage girl, I would highly recommend this show. It's upbeat, it's hopeful, it's full of pretty young people, it's just great and nice and fluffy and happy. Catch it if you can.

Edit, as the show ends: SO VERY GOOD. The end made me sniffle, there's a gay character (plus random same-sex kisses), there's relationship and arg so much good stuff!