January 16th, 2013

Angry scribble cat

Nothing like an annoyed grumbling in the morning (and breakfast)

On my short drive to and from work, I listen to NPR. Even if I don't agree with all the opinions expressed, I know it's still intelligently reported.

This morning NPR did a story on gun control and the NRA. The NRA is running ads calling the president a hypocrite because the president uses armed secret service agents to protect his daughters, but doesn't let everyone else bring guns into schools to protect their kids.

Raise your hand if you see the logic issue in that.

The NRA is doing so much harm to this country. They have way, way, way too much political power. As long as so many people have guns, some of our biggest problems will never be solved. And the NRA is a big part of that.

"If you outlaw guns, only outlaws will have guns!" Bull. Why do we have traffic laws, when people speed? Why are there laws against stealing, when people shoplift?

I get so sad and annoyed when you look at gun violence in America compared to other countries. The only countries that have more firearm deaths than America? South Africa, Colombia, Thailand. The US has many thousand per year, and a number of countries have ZERO. How in the world do gun owners defend that?


I don't do resolutions for New Year, but I do try to make lifestyle changes now and then. My current one is to eat breakfast. Eating breakfast to lose weight is counterintuitive to me. While I generally love to eat and eat too much, I hate breakfast. I hate eating early in the day. I hate having flavors/tastes in my mouth for the first 3-4 hours of my day.

The problem is, breakfast is pretty darned necessary to losing weight. It gets your metabolism started earlier. It makes you eat less overall through the day. It keeps your hormones and blood sugar more regular.

But I hate it.

I've been trying to force myself to eat, even if it's nontraditional breakfast foods (this morning I had some peanuts and almonds). Would you believe it's harder to make myself eat breakfast than it is to make myself exercise?

Edit: For Harry Potter folks. Today's Awkward Stock Photo: Argus Filch? Is that you?