January 23rd, 2013

Chocolate dessert

Mmmm lamb lung?

Two food-related topics, one post!

The steel-cut oatmeal experiment is going downhill. While it was super yummy the first day it was cooked, the leftovers have been... well... not good. Gummy, lumpy, sort of like trying to eat paste. Cheap, thick, years old paste. Tomorrow, for my last attempt at eating it for breakfast, I'm going to add a whole lot more milk when I heat it up. Maybe that will help it be less gummy.

And for the second subject, remember the post I made last week about the food blogger who was RABIDLY ANGRY THAT AMERICA WOULD BE A BUNCH OF PUSSIES AND BAN CANDY CIGARETTES BECAUSE THIS IS AMERICA AND OUR KIDS ARE MAN ENOUGH TO SMOKE IF THEY WANT TO? The one who ate mushrooms from his lawn without knowing what kind they were? I've continued reading back through his older blog posts, and I found another winner:

Not only does he like to try odd foods himself, he buys them for his dog, too. He bought some freeze dried lamb lung chips for the dog, and tried one himself. The problem with that? The package says "wash hands with soap and water after handling". In the same post, he himself wrote that selling lung for human consumption is against the law (tuberculosis risk), but he ate some anyway.


I'm almost done with his blog, just a year of posts left to go. In a way I'll be sad to reach the end. While I dislike him as a person, he eats and writes about the wackiest of things. (He has an obsession with eating canned fish from dollar stores...)
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Two posts, one day!

Look! It's something meme-like! In my LJ! But it's funny, so this one I'll do.

Directions, taken from ilanarama: So there was this XKCD comic, which inspired the Up-Goer-Five Text Editor, which allows forces you to write using only the thousand most common English words. And now my friends are using it to rewrite their job descriptions. Bandwagon, jump, whee!

My job:

I write about very-very-not-stupid things for people who are a lot more not-stupid than me so they will know how to do those very-very-not-stupid things and give who I work for more money than most people would believe.

Also, when those very-very-not-stupid things don't work, sometimes I help people fix them. That is funny because they are a lot more not-stupid than I am. They fly into space and start fights between lands. I sit at a desk.


Leave yours in a comment or post to your own LJ! :)