February 14th, 2013

Book with cat 4

Book #5, LJ

Dear LJ,

Would it have been so hard to leave the link to use the old interface for posting? The new one is horrible. It takes up way too much landscape, I'm not 12 and therefore do not need bright colorful buttons for every option, and man, it just has so much wasted space. Go visit Google. Check out their homepage. Recall that it hasn't changed in how many years. Know why? Because it gives people what they need without wasting space and adding stupid buttons and a crapton of icons. I feel like I'm trapped in a Word doc.

Please give us the old format back.



Book #5 of 2013 was a miss for me. Infected: Prey, by Andrea Speed. The book's world is our world, with the addition of a new virus. Most of those who get it die, the few that live turn into werecats (big cats: lions, tigers, etc). Unlike more romanticized versions of were-creatures, the people who turn into cats turn into real cats. Four legged, no human thought or personality, just a wild creature that has to be locked in a cage five nights a month.

All that was background though, the main storyline was a mystery. A whodunit. Unfortunately, as I mentioned when I reviewed Dragons Done It, I don't really care for whodunits.

The writing was fine. The characters were mostly fine (the main character was overly sarcastic, which I think was supposed to make him appear clever and above-it-all, but only annoyed me). I like stories about were-animals. There was only one small thing in the books I didn't like (which I'll go into in the next paragraph). But the book just didn't work for me at all. I was bored through it, and I didn't finish it. Unfortunately I had bought the other two books in the series at the same time... (This was also an older book in my To Read pile, before I vowed to never by book series ahead of time, to just buy them one by one.)

The small thing the author did that I didn't like was product placement. Did she get paid by brand name companies? It seemed like a name was getting dropped every paragraph. Coke, Pepsi, Starbucks, every rock band under the sun, movies, TV shows, car brands. Maybe it was supposed to make the world seem more real to the reader, but it did the opposite for me, I kept being reminded of TV shows and movies that get paid whenever they make a shot with a brand name facing the camera. Earlier this year I read White Fang and Call of the Wild (published in 1915 and 1917), and they were way less dated than this book (published in 2010). At one point the main character said "Every teenager in the world has a MySpace page", and I laughed out loud. There was a Dick Cheney shooting people in the face joke. It just didn't work for me.

I started book 6 this morning, Ship Breaker, which seems like it will be better.