February 19th, 2013

Cat in wine

Cooking: Sauté Express

I haven't been trying to cook much. Failing means the loss of time and more money than eating out would cost me, so I've been taking the easy route lately. However, when I heard of Saute Express, I thought that might be what I needed.

(Not my image.)

The package comes with six foil-wrapped surprisingly large squares that have everything you need in them (just add meat). I had originally thought I might have to salt and pepper my chicken, but I forgot to do that (and turns out I didn't need to).

Unwrap one of the squares, toss it into a pan and let it melt, toss the chicken in, and that's it (other than turning it once, of course).

I used the garlic and herb one tonight (and have the Italian herb one on hand as well). While cooking, it smelled amazing, just like garlic bread. Unfortunately my chicken didn't get very brown, but know what? That didn't matter. It tasted as good as it smelled. It might have been the best non-fried chicken I ever had (and a lot better than most fried, too).

Seriously, I made enough for two meals, I was hoping to bring some for lunch tomorrow, but I couldn't stop eating it. I wanted to lick the plate.

The calories are low (70 per serving, two servings per square) and the carbs are tiny (2 per serving). It can be used for fish and pork as well as chicken. (I feel the need to add "This is not a paid advertisement" to this post!)

I'm almost sorry I bought the Italian herb kind as well, because the garlic was so so so good. If you can't cook, if you can cook, if you're in a hurry and need an easy meal, then you should try this out. It's silly, I'm full, but I want to go make more right now.