March 4th, 2013


The Walking Dead: Clear

(Edit: Oh well that's a pain. My work network has decided my main LJ page isn't work safe and won't let load it. It's probably that post about adult toys... Anyway, I can't check and confirm that the LJ cut is made correctly, so leave a comment if the spoilers are showing.)

Often times when I have a strong emotional reaction to something in a TV show, I search for online reviews of that episode to see if others felt the same. In the case of last night's Walking Dead ep, it appears that not only did no one agreed with me, most of them felt the opposite...

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And on a more minor note: I've said this before, but I really hate the timeslot Walking Dead has. As soon as the ep ends, I turn off the TV and go to bed. More than half the time, I wake up to zombie nightmares. And even if I have no nightmares, I'm so hyped up and on edge, that it takes me a long time to fall asleep. (But the show is too good for me to record it and watch it later!)