March 20th, 2013


Well this is a sucky start to the morning...

Short on sleep, I went to bed a little early last night.

By going to bed early, I missed the email from the apartment management that there was no hot water and there wouldn't be until midmorning today. Missed it by minutes.*

If I hadn't gone to bed a little early to try to catch up on sleep, I could have planned to sleep in this morning and work from home until the water was fixed.

But instead I got up the normal time and decided I should just muscle through it and try to take a cold shower**.

A cold shower in winter is not going to happen. So instead I just stuck my head under the water and got my hair wet so I could re-do it. I thought I might have a stroke caused by how cold the water was on my head.

I feel horrible. I don't like sitting around without having taken a shower, even on a day off. My hair feels icky (wetting down hair with hairspray in it then adding more hairspray = blech).

This is going to be a day.

* There was little hot water last night, but that's normal. All the water is connected through the apartments, so if my neighbor flushes, I lose the cold water in my shower (let me tell you how much that sucks...). So I didn't think twice that I had little, likely just that multiple neighbors were using a lot.

** Why didn't I just decide to work from home this morning? I have an annoyingly overpowered guilty conscience. I'm "supposed" to be at work, so I darned well should be! If I had planned it ahead of time, it would be planned and somewhat more okay, but spur of the moment? YOU BIG SLACKER, GET TO WORK!
Pirate Kitty

"We are the pride of Chanurrrr, glossy of eye, fang, and furrrr!"

In a first ever for this LJ, we're going to open a book review with a video!

For the younger folks out there, filk was fan-created songs and music, based on scifi or fantasy. It was sold at cons or through snailmail, on homemade cassette tapes. It predated the Internet by a good deal.

I first heard this song sometime in my preteens, and I haven't heard it for the last couple decades, but the line in the subject line gets stuck in my head on a regular basis, so I dug it up. The song tells the plot of the first book.

Anyway! On to the book! There was only two things I hated about it:

#1: It's not available in ebook format. I found a less-than-official copy of the first book online, and after reading it last year, attempted to hunt down the rest of the series. I came up with only the second book.

Knowing how depressing it would be to read the second book and then not have the others, I put off reading it until now.

#2: It ended on a mid-scene cliffhanger with a "Continued in next book!" message. ARRGGG! That's just wrong!

So, book #10 of 2013: Chanur's Venture by C. J. Cherryh. The book continues the story of the Hani, a cat-like race who were able to access space travel before they were culturally ready. (The technology was given to them by another species.) Lots of Hani politics, an inter-species war, and a single human tossed into the mix.

This is one of those classic scifi series. Want action/adventure? There's a whole lot of it. Like things more character based/interpersonal relationships? Yep! The only thing it's short on is romance, but even that it has hints of. The aliens are all very interesting, the issues of dealing a species when you don't share a common language are really interesting, plus the plot was fast-moving and exciting.

I'm not sure how many people haven't read this series yet, but if you like scifi or fantasy and haven't, I strongly recommend it! Supposedly the official ebooks are coming out in a year or two, so they'll be even more accessible then.

Edit: Holy cow, Google is scary sometimes. I wanted to make sure I wasn't misremembering when the filk song was created, so I googled "We are the pride of Chanurrrr, glossy of eye, fang, and furrrr!" and my post came up as the first result. Minutes after I posted it.

Edit 2: Wow, Leslie Fish, the woman who wrote and sang that song, is amazing! " Fish is also well-known within the Star Trek fan community for her works of fan fiction, which include "Shelter" (1976), one of the first Kirk/Spock stories ever published, and the fan-published Star Trek novel The Weight." She's written with C. J. Cherryh, is a RPG player and LARPer. "One of Fish's more unusual personal projects is an on-going attempt to breed domestic cats for intelligence..." She's been a dominatrix and "often asserted that bisexuality is the human norm". She sounds like the most interesting woman ever! Kirk/Spock is where slash came from. She founded slash!