April 5th, 2013


Car, again

I really want to get this whole buying a new car thing over with. It's been dragging on and on, and it's literally keeping me up at nights. I want to make an offer today, but I'm running into the same problem has been stopping me all along.

Kelly Blue Book (and other pricing sites for new cars) says this for the car I want:

MSRP $24,960
Fair Purchase Price $23,490
Dealer Invoice $23,508

The dealer is quoting me: $22,788

The price is lower than the dealer invoice. Which seems odd, since then they're not making money?

So my question is, since his quote is lower than the invoice price and the suggested fair offer price:

Should I make an offer lower than the quote he's giving me?

Something else I'll put in comments

I could pay his offered price on the condition that they throw in floormats for free. ($100 and change value.)
FFXI COR drawing

RP, car

Car update: Made an offer at 9 AM. Just now (1 PM) got a reply back from the salesguy saying he'd bring it to his manager to check. It's possible he just got in, but he's surprisingly slow to reply back to emails. (Once one went two days without a reply and I had to poke him again for a response.) He seems a really nice guy though, so I'd like to keep the sale going to him so long as he doesn't make it too hard. (He's an older fellow of Asian descent. He offered his business card to me with both hands (I love that!), and bowed to me. Made me feel both embarrassed and special.)

RP: I've not RPed in weeks. Probably months by this point. I think part of it is my job (I do writing and editing all day, so when I get home I don't really want to do more of it). I have very little interest in WoW RP, which also likely adds into it.

On that last point, I joined rp_me. Maybe a one-on-one partner in some new theme would help spark something? Seems not though. There have been a few people who have interested me, but not enough to contact them.

That being said, the comm is still a really interesting place. Seeing what other RPers want or don't want. "Smut" (ERP, tinysex -- whatever you want to call it, RPing out sex) is an interesting topic to read what people want. Today was the first time I saw someone post "Must enjoy writing graphic smut when the story calls for it, fade to black is a big NO" (paired with a requirement: "Aren't creepy (if you ask me what my characters' breast sizes are, we're done)" from the same person).

Willingness (or lack thereof) to fade to black is an interesting thing. Long time back, I hated fading, but nowadays I think I'd rather fade. If I RPed. Which I don't. So it's a moot point. :P Anyway, if you're looking for RP or just interested in seeing current RP trends, I recommend rp_me.
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