April 10th, 2013

Pirate Kitty

My brain, my car, my ren faire?

I'm glad I've gotten to the point in my life where I sometimes have an idea how my brain works.

Yesterday I hated my new car. I looked up the return policy online. I rehearsed the conversation I'd have to have with the dealer about it. I thought about how I'd have to explain the change to my co-workers, who only hours before I said good things about the car to.

But I know me. I'm really bad with change, with different things, with new things. A car is one of the biggest new things I'll ever get. And it's very, very different than my previous car.

Last night I actually had a bad dream about the car. (Sigh, brain, you're so predictable.) But this morning when I got in it wasn't so bad. Was it perfect? No. I'm still getting used to it. Also, it will never be a perfect fit for me (not enough legroom, really). But I didn't hate it. If only I didn't have a left leg, the car would be a perfect fit! (Seriously. There's something sticking out on the left from both the door (hits my knee) and at foot-level. Makes it hard to find where to have my left leg. Nothing is really comfortable.)

But cool thing about it? I picked it up on Monday, drove it home. Yesterday I drove to work, to lunch, back to work, then home. Drove to work this morning. It hasn't used a single cent of gas yet. (It tracks that for you.) How amazing is that? That's the trade-off for the lack of roominess inside, I guess.

Anyway! This weekend I'm going to a ren faire! My first one! Woot. Is there anything I should know going in? Is it like Disney, where you should bring your own snacks and water because they charge $14/bottle? I have to remember to bring my camera, assuming photos are permitted (I'd think so). Anything else? I don't have a costume or anything, just street clothing.